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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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today, afternoon sunshine, warm temperatures coming your way both saturday and sunday and then we're talking about a really good chance for rain. i'm going to show you what we're expecting as we head throughout next week, potentially rain measured in inches before all is said and done and we sure need it. we have unusual issue for peninsula and south bay drivers as well as over in the east bay. san leandro we're talking about a sig alert. i'll explain what that is and what's going on in a moment. >> definition forthcome. >> we look at the approach to the bay bridge, what it looks like right now. little bit touch and go in terms of picture quality but everything is smooth on the drive. it is friday, january the 30th and you are watching "today in the bay." all right t is friday, let it sink in, thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia battling a stubborn
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cold. we hope she feels beat the bettbe better but it is good to be here. >> members of the bay area host committee are keeping close notes here in phoenix for super bowl l which comes up next year. >> and we sent our own rob redell to the heart of the super bowl in phoenix to find out what we might be able to expect. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris and sam. you have 15 to 20 members of the super bowl host committee from the bay area in phoenix right now to figure out how arizona is putting on super bowl xlix. i got to tell you, it's quite an undertaking. phoenix is expecting a million visitors to be coming out here for this week. you can see some are up bright and early trying to get on the backdrop of the "today" show which is broadcasting here. they've turned this 12-block area of downtown phoenix into what they call super bowl central, so much to do here it makes your head turn including over here this large rock
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climbing wall, the grand canyon experience. you've got all sorts of vendors, a concert stage for live music which you can see, drew quite a crowd last night in spite of the rain we're having. couple blocks away taking up four floors of the phoenix convention center, the nfl experience, interactive zone for any fan who wanted to try to be a professional football player and in this crowd is one man charged with trying to replicate and approve upon the experience for the next year, super bowl l in town to learn how to handle rodgistics like public transportation and security and to come up with ideas to help their plans for super bowl l. it will be in the musconi villa village. the game played in santa clara levi's stadium. they'll be putting 150 events in the week leading up to the big
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game. they call the san francisco bay area the super bowl. >> we work out for a plan that will excite and ignite the bay area, get people to come to our region and participate in a milestone super bowl, the golden anniversary of the game in the golden state. >> reporter: last night the super bowl l host committee did put on a media reception to try to get people excited about the super bowl and handed out the magical costers, san francisco bay area and they are magical because check it out,tr(t&háhp c they have the countdown clock on there. can you read that right there, it tells them just how much time they don't have until february 7th of 2016 and looking at the countdown clock it looks like it's just over 365 days. 372 days. sounds like a lot of time but for them it's not. they've been working on this for a good year and a half and have
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a lot of work ahead of them but they're quite reassuring in saying they believe they will be done, ready in time for super bowl l, the milestone coming back to the bay area, comes to the bay area next year. coming up, we'll tell you how they plan on redefining that big event. we'll have that in about 30 minutes. reporting live from, i don't get it, we're in the desert and we got rain, phoenix, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. nbc bay area is your home for all things super bowl xlix and l a year from now. stay with us all weekend long. bob redell will continue to have live reports for "today in the bay" on saturday and sunday as well and our game day coverage starts at 9:00 in the morning, kickoff is at 3:30. meantime in medical news, doctors closely watching the health of a person who just walked right into a sacramento hospital showing symptoms of ebola. if confirmed, it would mark the first ebola case in california. now a bay area university might
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play a big role in fighting this disease. "today in the bay's" damon trujillo joins us live from stanford. if the gates foundation made a huge donation for research. >> reporter: good morning, sam shall it's a $50 million donation, the ten-year grant will be used to develop a vac steen fight ebola and other viruses around the world. big news at stanford. the patient in sacramento is being tested at the uc davis medical center, where he was taken after walking into mercy hospital with ebola symptoms. the patient is considered low risk and is in isolation at this hour as doctors await test result. those results might come back as early as this morning. in the meantime, the er at mercy hospital was sealed shut yesterday. the california nurses association has been in touch with the nurses on the front line in sacramento and it appears all protocols are being followed at this time. >> we know that obviously testing has been done.
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i know that, so at least the initial test something done ate is done and it's not unusual for a second confirmation test to be done as well. >> reporter: here at stanford the gates' donation will be used to establish the stanford human systems immunology center. the hope is to learn more about the immune system and perhaps develop vaccines for ebola and as we mentioned other viruses as well. the center will be managed and run by stanford biology and immunology professor mark davis. we're live here on the farm, i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> we'll be watching developments closely, thank you very much. a possible clue for police investigating a gruesome discovery in san francisco, body parts found in a suitcase at 11th and market and more body parts found nearby. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live in san francisco
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to explain what police hope to find in this case. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. these body parts found near the twitter headquarters, police say they got a distinct picture now of a person of interest, someone dumping that suitcase but they haven't released that image nor a description just yet. they did spend hours yesterday combing streets and dumping out trash cans and found more human remains, initially got the call about an abandoned bag wednesday late afternoon and made the discovery of the suitcase with body parts in and outside of it. the cfo of goodwill san francisco says he turned over the business's surveillance tapes to police but adds investigators must have other footage in hand because he couldn't make out very much from what his cameras got. >> showed a person across the street pulling a suitcase. that's basically it in. >> reporter: male or female? >> i couldn't tell. i think it was male. >> reporter: police canvassed the south market neighborhood going door to door to ask
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businesses about their surveillance video. people describe the neighborhood as high crime. you see quite a bit of surveillance cameras throughout the area. investigators no arrests made. they detained three people wednesday night but released all three of them. the coming up in about 40 minutes one pathologist we hear from her in what could help investigators move forward in identifying the body or bodies discovered. live outside the hall of justice, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> what a wild story. thank you very much, steph. new details now after a brazen armed robbery at a frye's electronics store on the peninsula. palo alto police released a sketch of one of the men involved. on wednesday this man and accomplice walked out of the store with three gaming consoles. when a store employee tried to stop them one of the men showed off a revolver. both got away with the gaming consoles. police need your help tracking town the person who robbed an 83-year-old man in berkeley. the incident caught on camera.
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the robbers wrestle what turns out to be a newly purchased iphone from the man's ahead and. the victim was not seriously hurt and the robber did get away. he took off in a silver audi with paper license plates. we have new drought concerns after the results of the latest sierra snowpack survey. the snowpack is well below normal. experts measures just over seven inches of snow near eco summit. the snowpack provides california with a third of its water supply so some discouraging news there. we've been on -- i've been on the snow survey before, christina, i think you have been, too, i've never seen patchy grass just feet from where they're taking the survey. that is a shocking sight. >> it is. it's really unfortunate because the snow we have accumulated this season so far has been above 7,000 feet for the most part and when we have the next rainfall come in, it's another warm system. we're not expecting a lot of
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snow. nonetheless we'll take whatever question get because even the snow that falls above 7,000 feet it's like your frozen reservoir continuing to release as we head throughout the summer months and fill in the reservoirs that feed san francisco, the hetch hetchy. if you live in the san francisco area it has a granite basin, doesn't need to be touched, that water is so good, some of the best water in the entire country come into san francisco. 51 degrees there right now. as you'll see we have a nice, clear sky over most of the bay area at least down at the surface, but there is some low cloud cover starting to drop down. we're not going to see a lot of that for today. the good news is, whatever we have is going to clear out by 10:00 a.m., mild sunshine, temperatures nearing the 70s, another spectacularly warm day for this time of year. we have these really short days, your sun will rise at about 7:30 and set at 4:31 which is so
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unusual temperatures end up in the 60s and couple 70s. 67 on the peninsula and 68 degrees for the tri valley. we have what looks like a very significant storm system on the way for next week. i'm going to show you that, tell you how much we're expecting, plus maybe you didn't make the plans yet for the weekend. we'll tell you what's going on around here and give you the update for wine country entand peach in my next report. here's mike >> make sure you watch the roadway because you have to in spots like san jose. christina showed you spots with the usual suspects for fog. this is san jose 101 at 680. over the last 45 minutes, an hour, we've seen glowing lights on the street level. we'll show you the map. although it's clearing from the palo alto area the low clouds are on the move. chp says 280 at 17 watch that as well, that may affect folks on the overpass.
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they have that sig alert north 880 at marina. one lane is block. sig alert is when the chp says it will take a while and have a significant impact, a couple of hours and a bad spot. so far, light traffic. back to you. some people in san francisco are very upset. plus it's called exploding kittens, the kickstarter campaign that's breaking records next. how about a device that will keep you safe when you're most scared? we'll show it to you, coming up.
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what was supposed to be a fun, new card game is now breaking records on kickstarter though we haven't heard of it yet. they wanted to raise 10,000 bucks to help release the game to the public. it surpassed that goal in 20 minutes. within an hour soared past the $100,000 mark. this morning the project has more than 120,000 backers and almost $4.8 million pledged. exploding kittens is described as a strategic version of russian roulette for people into kittens, explosions, laser beams and sometimes goats. >> still searching for a tie between the things.
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the artist who drew the cards is well-known for a site called the oatmeal. scott mcgrew, he also loves teslas. >> he calls it the intergalactic space load of light and wonder. it's a funny cartoon. i'll fweet it out, @scottmcgrew. tesla is offering up a software update that will increase acceleration in all of its cars, mostly in its all-wheel-drives. let's check the markets this morning, landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hey, scott, happy friday. the markets managed to halt two days of losses thursday. futures this morning are pointing to a lower open. investors reacting yesterday to a small rebound in oil prices and positive news on unemployment. there's a ton of economic data,
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reports on employment costs, manufacturing and consumer sentiment and the first look at fourth quarter gdp which should show the economy grew thanks to lower gas prices which spurred consumers to spend. the dow rising 225 points to 17,416, the nasdaq up 45 to 4683. lots of numbers there, scott, back over to you. >> have a great weekend, landon. you were talking about kickstarter, offer you another one. an oakland based company has come up with the button, it's like a tube of lipstick. you carry it in a hand in had a place you'd rather not be. when you press it, you get a call from your own personal safety concierge who makes sure you're okay and checks on you. you can actually talk to somebody as you walk across that dark parking lot, kind of like calling 911 and saying, keep me company. >> there's this whole gray area between safe and emergency or safe and danger as i was
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mentioning. it's not a binary thing so we want to accommodate the area. >> if you need help the dispatcher knows where you are, they can bring you the police but it's like 911 light. it's sort of hey, i think i might be in trouble. >> this is genius. i used to waste a lot of time of our assignment managers, coming in, in the dark, can you walk with me to the car? didn't want to wake up my husband so i would totally get on board. >> you can press the button all you want so it's very cool. >> also very discreet, not alerting people to what's going on. 5:18 right now. we are excited about what's to come in the next couple of days. >> we want a beautiful weekend for the plans people have but also want to see the rain in the forecast. >> and it's there. it looks really good, better than yesterday and that's always more promising when you're watching these long range forecasts. this morning, temps are in the
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30s, up in the north bay, where we're going to end up in the low 70s and do have patchy fog drifting around, more of the low cloud variety than fog that touches the surface, and about 1500 feet. you'll notice that as the sun starts to make an appearance this morning. temperatures starting out in the 50s, we're at 50 degrees in san jose, 50 degrees to kick off the day on the peninsula, looking out in the tri valley to climb into the 70s later on today. let me show you what's going to happen over glendale, arizona, where we have some pretty robust rainfall moving through. these are actually monsoonal showers. you'll notice it's going in the clockwise direction. counterclockwise is low pressure. clockwise is high pressure. this is monsoonal moisture. we typically don't show that until late spring summertime but this is the trend for the past couple weeks. as we head throughout saturday this will clear up and more promising for sunday, which is a good thing, because they do have basically open roof over that
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stadium. here's the deal, glendale, arizona, 71 degrees. you might see a spritzer or two. it will be light and overall looks like that big ridge is going to start to head out of the area as an area of low pressure a very strong area of low pressure kicks it out. that's the one that will likely bring us some heavy rainfall as we head through the end of next week. 70 degrees though for santa clara on super bowl sunday and the mid-60s in san francisco, looking fantastic for your outdoor plans. we are going to be in the range by i'd say five to ten degrees above average for this time of year for both saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday, not losing much of that warmth, and then the rain moves in. we got our first chance for shower activity as of sunday night into monday morning in the north bay, not expecting much there, and then that heavy rain moves in. overall temperatures are pretty mild this morning as you make your way out the front door. we have a little bit of fog drifting around. let's find out how it looks with our very own mike inouye.
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>> we're talking about fog and low clouds and for our cameras above the roadway sometimes they don't distinguish the two. palo alto low clouds, you see them remaining at the top of your screen, low clouds and fog showed up here ikea. crash at embarcadero but not a huge factor. 208 and 680 over the last half hour we've seen roadway fog and the clouds in our cameras that are right there on the road itself. there will be a patch or two continuing to float around again. speeds are not a problem throughout the south bay. peninsula looks nice, so does the san mateo and dumb barton bridge. we'll show you the tri valley, we'll move to the north bay and look to the southbound side of 101. even though our road weather index registered nothifog in th north bay we didn't see any here. in berkeley we have it on our live camp rah to help you sort out what exactly is going on
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second by second. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, mike. a new hospital in san francisco is causing concern in the neighborhood. ucsf medical center in mission bay officially opened sunday and with it, the facility's helipad. some are excited about the care offered inside the facility but others are worried about the noise the helicopters might create. >> safety especially with weather and so on, and then noise. i don't mind it during the day but you know, at midnight i don't really want to hear a helicopter. >> ucsf says the helicopters will only be used to access the children's hospital and will carry children or pregnant mothers with life-threatening emergencies. it will not be used for routine transportation. the primary flight path of the helicopters will mostly be over the bay, about 40 transports are expected each month. there is some missing money and all signs point to an accountant insiders call the
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principle's piggy bank. the investigative unit has looked into allegations the former principal of san jose high stole thousands of money from the students and the district. records show the former principal teri catching controlled thousands of dollars in a private slush fund, spending money on expensive meals, clothing for administrators, even lotto tickets. the district found some $7,300 worth of expenses that didn't have receipts or explanations including checks catching wrote to herself. cash from fund-raisers disappeared when catching was in charge of the money. >> it was incredulous, we double counted the money ourselves, we never made a mistake like that before and $500 is not a small enough amount. >> reporter: where did the money go? what happened to the $7,000 with missing receipts? >> now tonight at 11:00, what
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happened to at least $10,000 in rental fees that should have been paid to the district and why the superintendent stopped investigating. vicki wynn holds the powerful accountable this evening at 11:00. if you have a hip call us at 888-996-tips or e-mail it is 5:24 right now. for the first time in more than 0 years a famed "saturday night live" cast member will return to the 30 rock stage. details on who that is, coming up. .
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number, you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code, plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! a famed "saturday night live" alum says he's going to be there for the 40th anniversary special. >> hello boys and girls. you know christmas say special time in mr. ramos' neighborhood. it's a time for giving. look what mr. landlord gave me,
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it's an eviction notice. >> that is of course eddie murphy will w.h.o. will return to the show for the first time ever since leaving the cast in 1984. he hasn't been back to host or make a cameo since. murphy's famed character including buckwheat, gumby and james, james brown. no word on what he'll be doing on the special which airs two weeks from this sunday on nbc bay area. that's exciting. >> awesome and amazing we've gone some 30 years and he's not been back on "snl." >> i wonder why. we could find out new details about the person who checked into the uc davis hospital showcasing some ebola symptoms. what's that thing?
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i moved our old security system out here
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to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit new developments overnight, wrapper sug knight in jail facing murder charges. what his attorney is saying this morning. plus they are doing their homework. the bay area super bowl committee in airs air right now, getting a firsthand look what it takes to put on one of these
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event. i'm meteorologist christina loren. gorgeous day coming your way, highs in the 60s and 70s and then everything changes back to winter in a matter of days with the inclusion of rain here in tahoe snow. more on that in moments. it's friday so we're going with the glow, yes, the glow, this is the south bay shot, with he'll explain why it looks a little differently than you might be expecting. and looking live at the san mateo bridge this morning, and i can hear the sounds of the bay bridge lights installation going. ♪ because it's almost super bowl sunday. it is friday, january 30th. this is "today in the bay." good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm in for laura garcia-cannon this morning, we hope she feels better soon. >> if lights could just speak, chri kris, i'm sam brock. super bowl xlix is two days away but already super bowl l is in the spotlight. the members of the host
5:31 am
committee are in phoenix to introduce their plan for next year. they say they're going to redefine the super bowl. "today in the bay's" rob redell joins us at super bowl central area in phoenix. there's a grand canyon experience down there. are they going to bring the yosemite experience here? how are they redefining it? >> reporter: actually wouldn't be a bad idea. climb el capitan in downtown sf. i'll give them your name and number. members of the super bowl l hosts are here this week so they can fine tune their plans for the super bowl next year. the nfl experience they figured out that, in the musconi center but the massive fan zone like they have in phoenix they want to do something similar in san francisco. would it be in union square our one of the piers, they have not figured that out yet and just like phoenix they want to capture the culture of the region since it is super bowl l a milestone. the committee doesn't want to
5:32 am
just host the super bowl but redefine it. how? the message is made clear last night, a reception. the committee not only focusing on the game and fan experience but on flan philanthropy. 90% of the costs for super bowl l expected to come from corporate sponsorship. the committee is pledging 25% of the funds to nonprofits in the bay area calling it the most giving super bowl ever and they've already committed to giving away $2.5 million within the next month. >> just a downpayment on telling our community that this is not just about 70,000 people attending a game but it's really about our entire community coming together and shining a light on not only the great things that are happening, but also the opportunity to the divide and how we can help close it as a region. >> reporter: coming up live from phoenix we'll introduce you to the 49ers fan from concord who showed up here without a ticket
5:33 am
for sunday's game, but quite a grudge against the seahawks and richard sherman and you could see back out here live at super bowl central you could hear the crowd, patriots and seahawks fans trying to get on the background of the "today" show which is broadcasting here now. you've got a lot of energy out here and in spite of the rain, fortunately we got a break right now and not great weather, i'll tell you what, when this place starts happening it's quite a party down here and the super bowl committee coming here to see what works here, what doesn't and what they can do to bring a great experience back to the bay area come just over a year from now. >> all right, bob, and really instills you with a sense of pride, too. thank you very much, the bay area going to be giving back for super bowl l right here. katy perry is getting ready for her super bowl debut and bringing along friends to help make the halftime show spectacular, coming up in less than ten minutes a look at what we can expect to see on game day. now to the latest developments on the california ebola scare.
5:34 am
doctors are closely watching the health of a person who just walked into a sacramento hospital with symptoms of ebola. if confirmed, it would be the first ebola case in our state. "today in the bay's" damon trujillo is live at stanford. tell us, damian. >> reporter: it's a $50 million donation by the bill and melinda gates foundation to study the disease and come one a vaccine to fight ebola and the other diseases afflicting the world right now at this hour. the patient in sacramento is being closely watched. that person walked into the er at mercy hospital with symptoms of ebola. the patient is considered low risk and is in isolation as doctors wait fort test results. those results could come in as early as this morning, but mercy hospital didn't take any chances. doctors sealed off the emergency
5:35 am
room immediately after realizing what they were dealing with. if it is confirmed the patient would be the first in california to be diagnosed with the deadly disease. the california nurses association is also monitoring the case and says so far, everyone seems to be following protocol. >> there are volunteer nurses who have volunteered to care for ebola patients who have received training and a lot of education. >> reporter: again the gates grant here at stanford is for $50 million. it will establish the stanford human systems immunology center. it's expected to bring together some of stanford's brightest minds to fight viruses around the world. it will be led by dr. mark davis, who is a biologist here at stanford and also an immuneologist. all eyes will be here on stanford. we're live on the farm, i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> that fight continues whether
5:36 am
or not this person has ebola in sacramento. we're certainly waiting to hear. thank you, damian. a nice outreach here, a bar near the building that burned in san francisco's mission district earlier this week is planning a fund-raiser for the dozens of people who lost everything. on saturday, between 4:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., half of the proceeds made at doc's clock are going to go to the victims of that fire. this morning, investigators are still trying to figure out what caused wednesday night's fire. 54 people were displaced in total. today authorities will continue to examine weather safety equipment including the sprinkler system was working properly after reports that access to fire escapes were blocked. police have released a new sketch of a man they say offered an underaged girl hundreds of dollars for sex. daly city police say this man approached the girl the morning of december 9th, apparently started talking with her and then offered her $800 for sex. when the girl said no, he walked away. this all happened near the intersection of 87th street and
5:37 am
junipero boulevard. the man was brown hair and brown eyes. we are going to change the tempo here for a second and i'll tell you what, there's nothing like some home cooking, very popular over super bowl weekend, all sorts of things, the cooking of mother nature headed into the weekend. >> you might change your mind if you tried my home cooking. >> oh, come on. don't sell yourself short. >> you're right, i can whip up a mean grill cheese. 50 degrees in the south bay, san francisco. fog in the north bay, a good looking afternoon. whatever you want to do outdoors make sure you take care of it over the next couple days into the weekend and especially monday and tuesday, that's as long as this stretch will last and things start to change, a return of winter, so let me help you plan your weekend, maybe you just want to watch the super bowl from somewhere nice. how does wine country sound?
5:38 am
72 degrees on friday, 74 degrees on saturday. i love pointing out temperatures like this because it's offseason, so you can get up there without fighting the big crowds and this is one of my favorite places to go, i love the napa valley wineries. as we head friday, saturday into sunday, temperatures looking great for the 17-mile drive. down in big sir you hit the mid to upper 70s. on the santa cruz boardwalk looking at 73 degrees for saturday and 68 degrees on sunday. and hey, maybe you just want to watch the super bowl from right here at home, if you live in santa clara, 70 degrees. 66 in san francisco, and 71 degrees glendale, arizona, where we just showed you bob redell out there live battling a few showers this morning, certainly not keeping the crowds in. it's pretty heavy at times, that's all going to clear out just in time for game day, which is a good thing because you do have a roof over most of the stands, but the middle of the field is exposed. we'll have more on that coming up, plus a little bit of sneak
5:39 am
peek at what we think the groundhog is going to forecast. he pops out of the hole, one time a year, gets way more credibility than any of us meteorologists, mike, and he gets to wear a tuxedo work. >> he does and people carry him from where he's done his report to where he gets publicity photos. my goodness. over here looking to the south bay, we're looking at the san jose area. this is very kroclose to the stt level, about one story up. glow to the lights but much more visibility in the last hour. it's not presenting any problem as far as speeds go. the typical build for a friday. earlier crash 101 on palo alto on the map as well, it has cleared with no slowing at embarcadero. moving to san leandro, the east bay, northbound 880 still has your fast lane, your left lane blocked at marina boulevard, that's just off the castro valley y heading up north in toward oakland out of hayward, has one lane blocked abecause of cleanup from an earlier crash. the bay bridge toll plaza does show some folks gathering cash
5:40 am
lanes at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. let's move forward, new this morning, music mogul suge knight booked on murder charges in connection with a deadly hit-and-run in southern california. here's video out of the l.a. county sheriff's office earlier this morning, he was charged with murder and bail set at $2 million. the death row records founder is accused of plowing his car into a group of people in compton. this happened yesterday afternoon near a movie shoot. his attorney says that knight ran over a friend and killed him while fleeing from attackers. he called this an accident. second man was also hurt, his condition though is not known right now. it is 5:40 right now. we could get new information this morning about that alleged cozy relationship between state regulators and pg&e. >> we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after this break.
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downtown phoenix is decked
5:43 am
out already welcoming millions of fans to super bowl central. our own bob redell is live there but so is nbc's sarah dollop. lots of eyes on commissioner goodell for policy changes. what do you think we'll see this morning? >> reporter: what you'll hear from roger goodell is his state of the nfl address following a season where it was the office the field action grabbing headlines. ♪ katy perry walked into thursday's press conference wearing a football themed outfit and armed with a marshawn lynch yoke. >> imauto he just here so i won't get fined. >> reporter: when asked if she has an eye on a particular player. >> i'm just here so i don't get fined. >> reporter: perry promiseed aan equally fun performance at halfti halftime, producers already revealed lenny kravitz will perform alongside perry during her halftime show. >> we try to bring the crowd
5:44 am
something different and the audience something different. by bringing henny va vits in, it will bring a twist to katy perry's performance. >> reporter: the game will be played on a worldwide stage. following a season with off the field action grabbing headlines, from domestic violence, off the field allegations and the league and roger goodell widely criticized for inconsistent handling of event. he'll is it eninto the spotlight for the state of the nfl address, a speech where many hope to hear a strong reinforcement of new league policies. >> there should be a zero tolerance. if you hit someone i you lose yr job. if i hit someone i'll probably lose my job. >> reporter: the future direction of the nfl will be played out in the months to come. and despite those off the field event the nfl had another record year and with the weekend here, excitement is really ramping up in the valley of the sun.
5:45 am
kris? >> thank you very much, sarah. we want to hear about roger goodell but we also want to know about some of the other stories coming out of the super bowl, one of them is the health concern having all those folks in the same place creating. the measles outbreak that started in disneyland has spread to arizona and more than a dozen other states. coming up at the top of the hour what arizona health owe fiffici about making everyone available. a towing company offers a free tow home up to ten miles after the game, the offer good for drivers and vehicles along with any passengers who fit safely in the tow truck. that program starts at 6:00 in the evening after the super bowl, and continues through 6:00 monday morning. you don't even have to be a aaa member to get the deal. they just want people to be safe.
5:46 am
coverage begins at 9:00 in the morning sunday with kickoff just after 3:00, following the super bowl an all new "blacklist" then "nbc bay area news" and "the tonight show" and documentary series "bay area revelations." >> whatever you do, plan ahead for the super bowl. time where lots of folks will have huge enjoyment and drinking. make sure you find the steps to get home. >> a lot of people by 6:30 at night it's probably a good time to stay off the highway if you can avoid that. 5:46 now. although that tipsy tow program is fantastic and we appreciate anybody going out of their way to help keep this big, beautiful bay area we get to enjoy and call home nice and safe. temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. we're starting out in the 30s in the north bay. what a rebound on the way, 72 degrees in the north bay later on today. 68 for the tri valley. we'll hit about 68 degrees in the south bay, typically we average 60 degrees straight up
5:47 am
this time of year, still running five to ten degrees above average. here's where we're headed. lots of sunshine this afternoon and a gorgeous weekend shaping up for you. weekend temps in the 70s. as we get into next week we've been telling you about this changing pattern. i'm going to show you with two of the different forecast models i rely heavily upon are suggesting taken looks really good, looking very good for some rich moisture to pass through the bay area as we head throughout the end of next week, it looks like, but of course whenever you go beyond 72 hours out, that forecast confidence is not so great, although i've got to tell you, the fact these two models agree very promising for us, very, very promising. i study this stuff like a hawk for you. i like to get it right as well. 70 degrees in san jose on saturday, 69 degrees on sunday. we're going to hold onto some lovely weather through tuesday and the changes start to come into the mix by wednesday to thursday of next beak. let's talk a little bit about these forecast models. this is the european model and this is the model that kind of got it wrong for new york city
5:48 am
based on the storm track and that's why there's a lot of questions as to what happened there. the gfs model, the one i are he lie on most heavily is forecasting some rich moisture down here, that's the one that got it right in new york city but look at this, the euro says 0.76 in san jose so over three-quarters of an inch. let me show you what the gfs, the one that was more reliable in suggesting for us. the tallies keep on going, over two inches of rain potentially on the valley floor in the south bay, where we typically get rain shadow bid the santa cruz mountains. obviously we'll see higher totals in the north bay, what typically happens but overall i can say with confidence it will rain next week. how much will we get is a big question mark right now. we'll keep on top of this for you, just like he's always watching your drive, anything new out there this morning, mike? >> we have a few more cars, christina but that's about it as far as major developments on the roadways. we've been talking about low
5:49 am
clouds hovering just above the deck. drivers are moving at speeds of the area, north of university but you see them disappear into the low clouds and maybe a touch or two of fog here and there. we'll look at the maps and show you the whole area along the peninsula, san mateo to redwood city, no issues as far as freeway speeds but a new stall reported the woods on-ramp to southbound 101 might be a factor for a few minutes. as we look at the rest of your bay looking at the south bay bottom of your screen, a typical slowdown north 101 at 680. we have westbound 580 slowing through livermore, typical for the tri valley as well. north of the san mateo bridge now the east bay shows a smooth flow of traffic. orange in the north bay again, fog as we've seen the last few days. our san rafael camera doesn't show any problems for visibility. over here looking at the maze and this is a westbound 80, the berkeley curve headed toward the bay bridge an easy drive but the bay bridge metering lights have been turned on and low clouds hover around the upper freeway.
5:50 am
back to you. >> watching out for the fog, thank you very much, mike. a possible new lead for investigators in a morbid case in san francisco. body parts found in a suitcase and limbs also discovered nearby. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live at the hall of justice to explain the images police now have in hand, giving a distinct picture of the person of interest, steph? >> reporter: good morning to you sam. the body parts found near twitter headquarters wednesday later in the afternoon, police have tried to focus on getting surveillance video footage and from that, they say they do have a distinct image but they have not released that yet. we also don't have a description of this person. after hours of searching and dumping out trash cans yesterday police found more body parts and it was wednesday late afternoon when someone reported the suspicious suitcase and police made that discovery. the cfo goodwill san francisco says he turned over his business surveillance tapes to police but couldn't see someone other than a man pull a suitcase.
5:51 am
as for identifying the body or bodies, that could be a whole nother challenge. >> ascertain the height of the person, if there are ribs or other parts of the pell vision, could you figure out possibly whether it's male versus female, or the general race of the person. >> reporter: of course a lot of questions still, but police did canvas the south market neighborhood yesterday going door to door asking businesses if they could record their surveillance video. people who live there describe their neighborhood as pretty high crime so there are quite a few surveillance cameras through the area. investigators detained three people wednesday night but let all three of them go. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> we await more details on the case, thank you. a group advocating the legalization of safe street racing visited the memorial of a jogger who was killed during an alleged street race in san jose. this week. the group lit candles for kyran
5:52 am
pan la at the growing memorial onnier ba buena road. monday she was struck by two cars believed to have been street racing. the two men charged in the crash didn't even know each other. meanwhile the fbi released images of the three masked men who smashed into a bay area bank and stole those gold nuggets we reported on earlier this week. the pictures show what happened but it's hard to get a really good look at the faces of those suspects. the three men crashed a stolen suv into the wells fargo bank museum in the san francisco financial district location on tuesday. they made off with some $10,000 in gold nuggets. they also got away with artifacts taken from display cases. >> what is the black market like for a gold nugget, i don't know. 5:52, a couple of guys work fog are a credit card company are accused of running a scam over burritos and scott mcgrew they made a lot of beans in the process. >> they did. listen to this. i have to say if they're guilty and a court hasn't decided it
5:53 am
yet, it was a really, really clever scam. the two men worked for capitol one as fraud detectors, the people that call you when someone buys something weird on your credit card report. the two men working for capitol one have access to all kinds of data about what people are buying and they discovered people go to chipotle all the time, according to their data and remember, they had a lot of data. chipotle was doing way better than the stock price indicated. so they invested and a few days later chipotle reported quarterly profits and said we're doing gangbusters. the men made a quarter million dollars on the early trade looking at people's credit card purchases. that's when the feds stepped in, because what the men were doing is insider trading. they had access to data the rest of us did not. again they haven't been convicted. it's just an accusation at this point. google shares, company missed expectations on its profits. google makes a ton of money but spends a ton on projects like
5:54 am
moon probes and robot cars and that costs money. some investors would like google to stick to its knitting but google has never done that. they're working on a fountain of youth drug so we can live longer. the dow snapped a losing streak thursday gaining more than 200 points. we get several sets of data today about consumers and the economy. we think it's going to show, sam and kris, people are buying more because they have more discretionary incomes because of lower gas prices. we haven't seen that in past data. i think it will come around this time. >> i think the savings is not so much that you start playing the stock market. >> no but you buy something at jcpenney and jcpenney stock has been suffering, maybe some more purchases will help companies like that. >> you talk about the fountain of youth and scams to make money, being able to create the fountain of youth could you make money he will jipped matly doing that. we're all looking for that. >> i will buy it. i will buy it twice. in the meantime we will
5:55 am
settle for some moisture in the air, hopefully some rain in the coming weeks. christina is very excited about that. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, sam and kris. hopefully they'll get that done in our lifetime, go google. temperatures looking good. 30s and 40s for the most part, a couple 50s on our way to a spectacular day, air quality not bad, 72 in the north bay, hard to beat that. that's room temperature. you can give your heater a break. you don't need to run that ac, but hey, i got to tell you, a warmer weekend coming your way. i'm going to let you know how much warmer we'll get before the rain that sam was talking about moves into the picture. something's always moving around out there. mike's got you covered on the roads. let's find out with whom. >> fortunately the cars are one of the things moving but they're moving slowly. the low clouds moving more and more out of our picture but still a glow here north 101 and san jose at 06680. one of the first spots for congestion northbound, this will
5:56 am
clear up over the next few in and kick back in closer to 6:0. capital expressway, slowing but nothing big as far as impact goes. this is san leandro, northbound 880 at marina boulevard. we have your left lane blocked by cleanup from an earlier crash, slowing off the castro valley y as that volume builds. the north bay shows a little fog but nothing dramatic. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. we hope you'll watch the super bowl here on nbc bay area but if you're looking for something different there are other options out there. >> here are some of the things we're talking about, the ever popular puppy bowl returning for 11th season on animal planet. the people demanded more. more than 13 million people watched last year. >> the hallmark channel seemed to get enough interest in the kitten bowl it brought it back for round two. >> the natgeo wild channel is
5:57 am
offering up something different though not very exciting. it depends on your definition of exciting. you can watch the fish bowl ii on that channel during the super bowl. what are the fish competing for? >> i don't know but it makes the kids come into the main room and go, can you change the channel? we want to watch the puppy bowl. no, we're watching football. >> get our priorities straight. >> 5:57 right now. we are of course counting down to the super bowl and we'll take you live to arizona with more details on the big game. plus new drought worry this is morning. what experts are saying about the latest sierra snow survey. and police released a new sketch of a man accused of stealing gaming consoles from a local electronics store.
5:58 am
5:59 am
murder charges for sug knight. the new overnight developments leading to his arrest. plus two days and counting until america's biggest sporting event, looking live right now at phoenix, we'll show you what
6:00 am
local leaders are doing in arizona, trying to get ready for next year's game, already dubbed super bowl san francisco bay area. and they're getting a little bit of precipitation out there. it's going to clear just in time for the game. i'll show you that forecast, get it to your futurecast in moments. for us, morning fog, afternoon sun, warm weekend ten tours into the 70s in many spots and significant rainfall totals next week. i'll give you the time line in moments. >> and the crowd grows this traffic friday, looking at a smooth flow but a lot of folks for the tri valley, unusual slowing for the san leandro area. we'll show you what's going on for 880. >> all right, crowds on 880, crowds at the super bowl, downtown san jose. it is friday january the 30th. this is "today in the bay."


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